V2 EX Blanks BETA (3-Pack): Get Refillable Clearomizers at Home

A clearomizer refers to a transparent cartomizer having a cartridge as well as an atomizer. Its main benefit is that you can easily view the amount of e liquid left behind in it. This makes it quite straightforward for you to know when to refill so that the cartomizer does not turn dry. While a cartomizer is made up of non-transparent metal or plastic, a clearomizer contains of transparent material with clear casing for you to see the liquid.

Further, there is no filler material in clearomizers; they contain a metal tube reaching up to the middle of the design. However, the heating coil can be either atop or at the bottom of the tube. Irrespective of this structure, the fiber wicks expand from the coil to carry the liquid to the coil.


Moreover, it is also quite comfortable to clean the clearomizers. If you are in need of a refillable cartomizer, then clearomizer is the best option to choose. One such branded offer to bring home is the V2 Ex Blanks pack. You can refill the V2 EX Blanks with the e liquid of your choice. Being the most famous provider of e cigs, V2 EX Blanks is the new pack on offer. The specialty of this product lies in its ability to refill the e liquid 20 times before disposal, which is five times more the capacity of a normal cartridge that only works for 4 times.


This 3-pack of clearomizers is designed to amplify the performance of Platinum liquid that you use with your V2 e cigs. This is the latest cartridge innovation to put to test. Although clearomizers are subject to regular cleaning, these ones are not! Not cleaning them tends to maximize their lifespan, which is a smart benefit. However, you need to fill these cartomizers with only a single flavor because mixing two or more flavors results in inconsistency.

These cartomizers are empty cartridges that you need to fill with the liquid on offer by V2. They contain a new cylinder to gauge the liquid level as well as a screw cap to simplify the refilling process without triggering the risk of leaking. Such advanced cartomizers ensure consistent flavor delivery even if the level of liquid goes down.

Flavors and Nicotine Strengths

You can use your EX Blank with any V2 Platinum e liquid flavors! Get the desired sensation by choosing the traditional tobacco flavors such as V2 Red and Congress or choose to refresh with Menthol, Mint Tea, or Peppermint. You can even try Coffee, Cherry, or Chocolate if sweet taste allures you. Irrespective of the flavor you choose, the liquid is available in the nicotine strength of 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, or 0%.

The Refilling Process

This is quite simple. You start by removing the easy release friction cap on top. Then, all you have to do is hold the EX Blank at a minor angle and pour your liquid down the internal area, turning it a bit, as you pour so that the wick is soaked up evenly. You will only need to pour 20 drops of e liquid for filling the clearomizer completely.

The Benefits

  • E-liquid level visibility
  • Sleek design
  • Greater liquid storage capacity than cartomizers
  • Free of cotton
  • Easier refill without leakage due to screw-on cap
  • Drip gauge in milliliters
  • Improved efficiency
  • Consistent flavor
  • Refillable up to 20 times

The Cost

With three clearomizers, the pack is available at €11.99. This means that a single EX Blank clearomizer comes at a fraction of cost of a traditional cigarette pack.

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